Assignments that I am most proud of

I enjoyed doing "important photographing skills and techniques", this assignment was the one that showed me how to look for different things in a photograph. It showed me different types of photos, how to balance out the image with different things, and how the colors can complement each other, and how a few photos can be similar and be a group, like a little series of images. This assignment I am happy with the result and the photos that I used for it, because each photo fits well with the technique that I was trying to accomplish. :)

Most memorable experiences

The biweekly assignments made me take photos of different things and go to different places, motivated me to look differently at things, and be openminded about the different types of photos you can take. The biweekly assignments make you be creative and try new things, which benefit you, and have you learn and experience more. The history of photography was memorable because it taught me about the history and about whats been done before and about the different imaginative people, and about the whole life of the art of photography about these people.

The shapes photography was fun to do, and memorable, because it made you look at the photos differently, and look for different things within the photos. The different assignments all widened knowledge about how creative and how many options their are with photography. its limitless and you can do whatever you want. Learning different perspectives and shapes and shadows and light and techniques was all interesting. Pinhole cameras was ve…

Reflecting on my goals for the semester

My goals were to learn more about photography, and I did. I learned a lot about different types of photography. we did levitation and that was creative, and we did biweekly assignments which made me try taking different types of pictures, with different angles and different visions. we did photos with quotes which i learned even more about photoshop and manipulating the text with the photos. i learned about the shadows and different parts of pictures. their many aspects of photography and a picture. So I learned more than my goal was, which is good. :)

Levitation Photography

To explore Halloween and its connections to “paranormal” and “levitation”; To learn how Levitation is being used in the world of photography; To make connections from levitation to real-world uses; To create levitation photographs inspired by other amateur and professional photographers.

As I was looking at the examples it produced more ideas of what type of levitation photographs you can do. The examples were all creative in their own way. The way the person was levitating and the background was something to observe. The colors and contrast and the light gave me different ideas. Reading about the levitation photographs was interesting as well.
The colors of the photos that I chose went well with the levitation piece eventually.
Something that went well was taking the levitation piece out of its original photo, so then
i would place it onto the new photo/the background photo. I had a lot of options for
background photos, so that was good.
My levitation photography looked similar, …

The photographers movie

This movie was interesting and informative. The way they spend so much of the year, away from there home, traveling to take these photos, shows how committed they are. Their whole life revolves around taking these photos, and they are constantly exploring and learning new things, and moving around. In the forests, they have to endure so many uncomfortable things, the bugs, the worms, to get the photo that they want. Taking photo of animals can be very difficult because of all of the movement. There seems to be a lot of African photography, different places in Africa and the different cultures. Once they take the photo, its interesting, that to get it into the magazine can take a year or more, after the take the photo. It was nice seeing the underwater photography and how many advanced technological tools they need to be able to take photos in the water. The movie was enjoyable and fascinating.

intro to levitation photography

Levitation : The action of rising or causing something to rise and hover in the air, usually because of "magical power".

Paranormal : denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are above and beyond normal scientific understanding.

To create a levitational photo its important to keep your mind open and be able to experiment with different ideas. Brainstorming about different positions is good, you can manipulate the environment and the way the person poses. Once you have a photo of someone you like you can take the person out of the photo and you can put them onto another photo with a different background. You can manipulate and change the way these two separate photos blend together. once you do this the picture will look creative as the person looks like they are their with no gravity.

Kylie Woon

Li Wei 

Kylie Woon

some ideas are for the person to be floating above in a natural living room/home type setting. where the background looks natural a…

architecture and landscape

landscape :

its quiet here
no one is here
no animals
no people
no cars in the lot
i like it
its windy and chilly
but its quiet
the water looks cold
the clouds look dark
there a little blue in the distance
it might come this way
and let the sun shine down here